Smart Watch 530mAh Round Shaped Battery
  • Air ProSmart Watch 530mAh Round Shaped Battery
  • Air ProSmart Watch 530mAh Round Shaped Battery

Smart Watch 530mAh Round Shaped Battery

If your compact watch needs a round shaped battery with the highest possible capacity, then our battery will fit the bill. It is not just a regular rectangular Li-ion polymer battery, the protective plate of the Smart Watch 530mAh Round Shaped Battery is specially designed to fit the internal shape of the product as much as possible to improve space utilization.


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Product Description

Due to the large number of battery models, not all models are listed. If customers think that the size is not suitable, please let us know to get more size or even more capacity options.

Smart Watch 530mAh Round Shaped Battery:

Model Number


Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity



4.3*37 mm (Thickness*Diameter)

Cycle Life

>=500 Times

Working Temperature

Charging: 0~45℃Discharging:-20~60℃

Storage Temperature

Temperature: -20~60℃Humidity60±25


Passed ISO9001 System ULUNCERoHSREACH etc.


12 Month

Application Field

Smart Watch, Smart Watch for Children,

Electronic Toothbrush, Remote Controls, Electric Toys

If other sizes and capacities are required, please let us know, the following range can be customized for your smart watch




Wires/ Connector/ PCB

Thickness ≥ 2.5mm

Width ≥ 10mm

Length  ≥ 14mm

50 mAh ~ 1000 mAh

3.2V/ 3.7V/ 3.8V

Recommended by us or customized on request

(The larger the capacity, the larger the battery and smart watch sizes also)

Quality Assurance 

Taking UL1642 as the testing standards. and all products will pass 100% finished product testing.

Batteries have a one year warranty from the date of arrival.

Application Field Stable Performance

Long cycle life. Supporting more than 500 times of continuous charging and discharging, the battery capacity is not less than 80% .

High Safety

All our Smart Watch Battery have explosion-proof valves, and all the polymer battery cells use colloidal electricity, which will only bulge at extreme environment and will not explode. In addition, our company has a strict quality inspection process to ensure product safety and quality.


According to your requirements, we can add wires or connector for you, or even design the protection board of the battery for you to ensure the arrangement and function meet your requirements.


1. Are you the Factory? Do you accept OEM order?

We're the professional battery manufacturer for over 18 years. We offer solutions (Designing, manufacturing, testing, certificate and shipping batteries) and will advise you accordingly on your battery needs.

We will provide free pre-sales and after-sales services.

2. Which battery you produce?

We produce almost all kinds of batteries, cell phone batteries (mainly iPhone batteries, involving some other brands of series of batteries), POS batteries, smart wearable device batteries, toy batteries, etc. As long as your products need batteries, we can provide the corresponding solutions or suggestions.

3. How about the quality of your battery?

The one-year warranty starts when you receive the goods. We have strict QC team ensure that we meet the promises at the time of battery production and before shipping.

The capacity of our batteries is real, and you may even find that although our capacity is not as “high” as our competitors, it lasts a longer and has a longer lifespan.

4. What kind of package do you have? What are your shipping options? And how soon will the goods be delivered to us?

Usually, we use the standard white box or carton. Package can also be customized on request.

We will recommend some shipping options and ship the goods according to your choice. The goods will be shipped by sea, by air or by express (DHL, FedEx, ups, Ems, TNT door to door shipping).

Depending on the type of battery and the number of orders, the time to complete production can range from 7 days to 1 month. (If your demand is particularly large or unusual, two months are also possible. We can deliver goods by installments if you have an urgent need)

5. Do your batteries have certificates?

Some of them have.

But the performance of all our batteries is guaranteed can pass the certificate test; So we can apply for these certificates if specified by you.

6. What's your minimum order quantity? Can you send us samples?

The MOQ is usually 100 pieces. But if you require special customization, such as high-performance battery cells, connectors and PCBs, then it will also have a much higher MOQ requirements.

We provide samples, usually without MOQ. Depending on the quantity of samples and future partnership, we will even provide you with free. However, if your battery requires special customization, there will still be a much higher MOQ requirements.

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